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Pokemon Cards

Pokemon card games are played widely around the world. If we talk about the history of these Pokemon cards then they were first published back in the year 1966 by Media Factory. These cards were a big hit and with its success in US and Japan they soon got fan following all over the world.
Pokemons are fantasy creatures, which are captured by humans. Every Pokémon look different from each other and has some kind of special powers. Many video games, movies and television serials have been made on them, which shows how famous they are.
In Pokemon card games there are about 60 Pokemon cards. Cards can be categorized on different types. Some of the categories are Trainer cards, Energy cards, Secret rare Pokemon cards, Evolved Pokemon cards, Baby Pokemon cards and many more.

Pokemon Booster Packs

You can buy pokemon booster packs that come with ten cards in a pack, one card is a online pokemon code card and if you are lucky you can maybe get a ex card, a secret rare card, ultra rare card or a full art card out of the booster pack..

Here are some basic knowledge about Pokémon card game.
Number of players
In this game two players are required. They act as a trainers of Pokemon.
Age Limit
Mostly this game is played by children. However there is no age limit for the game. Whoever likes can play the game.
Skills Acquired
No special skill is required to play this game; however, a person should know how to read. All the rules and regulations of the games should be understood properly to enjoy it.
It depends on the players. Usually the time varies from 5 minutes to 1 hour.
Pokémon card game is an interesting game to play. Let us understand how it is played. In the game the players assume themselves as a Pokémon trainer. They use their Pokémon to win the game. Opponents use their attacks to reduce the HP of each other. When the HP of one of the players is reduced to zero, he is knocked out and the other player gets all the pokemon cards as a winning prize.
When we play the game we also get some benefits out of it.
The game does not bore you. It is extremely enjoyable.
Knowledge about Pokémon is improved by playing this game.
Feeling of happiness is there when anyone wins all the Pokémon cards.
One attains the art of manipulation, while playing this game.One need to be smarter than opponent to win the game.