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Dragon Ball Z Cards

Dragon Ball Z Cards
This trading game card called as Dragon Ball Z is based on the famous series, Dragon Ball Z. The series was created by Akira Toriyama, and game produced by Score Entertainment. This trading game makes uses of screen captures from anime series for recreating the eminent battles and events available in anime. The game was initially released in 2000 along with starter decks ‘Saiyan Saga’ and booster packs. At present there are more than eighteen expansions of this game, a number of subsets, one virtual set, and a number of promotional cards.
The game was remade and released on October 18, 2014 by Panini America employee. The new game has lots of similar factors like previous game card but with several important alterations to ensure clear game play.
In these cards, fighting is represented by Physical Combat cards that choose the skills of martial arts performed by Z Fighters and their rivals. Energy Combat, demonstrating the attacks are used by characters. Cards that show the events of this series were called as Non-Combat cards in the DBZ CCG and later as Non-Combat Setups. These cards are known as the support cards in the game of DBZ TCG.
Some other kinds of cards in GT-TCG and Z-CCG include personality cards, Sensei Cards and Mastery cards. Mastery cards were used in combination with a single deck style that can be applied for declaring a Tokui-Waza and allow a number of advantages in game and it covers several styles that include Namekian, Saiyan, Orange, Red, and Blue styles. Now, there is a freestyle mastery for players. Sensei cards were necessary for the game of Sensei decks, this is a game system related with the side deck system of the YuGiOh, Trading Card Game and several same games.
Saiyan saga
Frieza saga
Androids saga
Trunks saga
World Games saga
Cell saga
Cell Games saga
Babidi saga
Fusion saga
Buu saga
Kid Buu saga
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Goku’s Kamehameha R156
Heroic Plan UR161
Captain Ginyu, Frog U67
Namek Dragon Ball 6 U63
Quickness Drill U114
Chi-Chi, Armed and Dangerous U69
Black Searching Technique U73
Red Jump Kick U98
Saiyan Empowered Mastery R145